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Nautilus: Thomas Workshop, 22:22, Damage

May 4, 2016

A casual night of deep modern music, great djs, darts, pool, drinks, and a variety of heads with a common bond of soul searching through non mainstream music. [Vinyl Edition] Thomas Workshop – Soul Hop / Lazy Syrup / The Brothers Box 22:22 – TURU / Dipped / East Van Digital Damage – […]

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First Friday: Fractured Technique vs SHAH

May 6, 2016

Backstage Lounge Top notch drum and bass from start to finish, no frills no gimmicks, just the best music and a great view with room to dance and no bullshit. Repping Fractured Technique, Mechwarrior (origins Australia) Reppin Fractured Technique, Danga (origins Glasgow) Repping SHAHdjs, Kir Mokum (origins undisclosed) Repping SHAHdjs, Erski (origins Halifax) $8 before […]

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May 13, 2016

INEO Studios & SHAHdjs Presents Supercon 2016: The Heroes Return The year is 2016. Our world has fallen to an evil source that feeds off the despair, destruction, and death of humanity. Its tentacles so far reaching that our governments, military, and world leaders have come under its spell. Corporations in all major industries have […]

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SAM BINGA, Greazus, Taal Mala, Levrige @VAL

June 24, 2016

friday.june.24th.2016. : SAM BINGA : [exit. critical. 50weapons] Bristol UK : TAAL MALA : [lighta!. modern math. aufect.] : GREAZUS : [hospital. critical. aufect.] : LEVRIGE : [shah djs. aufect. black tuna.] twenty.dollars.

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