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Upcoming Events

Nautilus: Denise, Denzin, LVT, Miss Innocent

January 29, 2020

We’ve got some of our best buds in house, let’s warm up and not let hyperbolic snow warnings stop us this time! 😉 BIRTHDAY SET from Miss Innocent, come down and celebrate with us! DJ Denise & Denzin 8 Productions LVT DJ Miss Innocent K.A.S.H. A casual night of deep modern […]

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Undersound: Outsider, Kir Mokum

February 14, 2020

Advance ticket link: Boys and girls we are back, having finally found ourselves a new home in East Van. This next edition of Undersound falls on the lovers friday, and affectionately so it is our 5th edition. On a PK CX setup, in a secret warehouse location your entertainment for the evening will be […]

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Redeyes: 170+ and SHAHdjs

February 28, 2020

70+ Productions & SHAHdjs Present: Redeyes [ The North Quarter / France ] We are all excited for our first 170+ Productions and SHAHdjs collaboration together, and this one is for the heads! Expect deep, soulful and intelligent music all night long. ______________________ [ Local Support ] The Willisist (SHAHdjs) DJ rOhmz (170+ Productions) […]

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SHAHdjs Videos

March 30, 2020

A few video up on Vimeo…more will slowly appear but we tend to put more efforts into our events than filming them (for now at least). vimeo youtube

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