BC Festivals FTW!

So, this summer, I’d say I’m taking it pretty easy. My wife Claire and I attended the LOKI Music Festival (http://www.lokifest.com/) in Kaslo, BC.

I plan to go to Basscoast (July 29-August 1 http://www.basscoastproject.com/), and that’s probably it.

However, it’s not for lack of selection.

The number of high quality outdoor festivals is growing and evolving. With our fantastic climate, and loving people, it’s no surprise.


Visiting a festival does take planning, and it’s important to know the rules of the party.  Event websites usually have the details, and it’s crucial to read ’em.

Don’t get stopped at the gate because you decided to bring your replica AK-47.

It takes more than just reading the rules to have a good time, I find.  Things that are often overlooked include:

  • Weather awareness – It’s BC.  It might rain anytime.  And temperatures drop a lot at night in the mountains, so bring layers.
  • Water – Ya, this might be on the site, but don’t forget!  You might need to bring your own, and share with others.
  • Keep Clean – Wash your damn hands, you savages.
  • Toilet Paper – Because outhouses run out.



LOKI – This year, 2011, was historic. The crews putting this one together have accomplished a lot, in only 2 years. This second year heralded some serious construction. Their single stage was pro. Straight up.

Loki 2011

LOKI 2011

Been to Shambhala, in the Village? Well, the LOKI crew just spawned it’s baby brother. All-encompassing, and all-amazing, this stage boasted a 20 foot surrounding fence, covered booth, SICK back-stage, and professional sound. Damn impressive for year 2.

My only real criticism was the lack of 19+. I welcome the younger generation, but there was a bit of aggression coming from that demographic, and I got a bit tired of being asked by these kids if I want to buy drugs. I think my generation can get crazy, but has a respect for others that those youth lacked. IMHO.

Next year, I look forward to more vendors and increased crowd turnout. Maybe double the attendance and the party will fill out nicely. And bring the love. The space is beautiful and sacred, and we owe it to the organizers to respect this gem.


BASSCOAST– So, last year was epic. But I didn’t go. This year will be my first, and I think it’ll be party of the year. See you there!




Please reply with your thoughts and comments about parties you’re going to.  I’d love to know.