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February 9, 2019

Hydration: LSB & DRS

SHAHdjs & Bassbizniz proudly present
Hydration: A night of liquid drum and bass, health and well being
Featuring: LSB & DRS
Support by: Mt. DoyleAkelaThe Willisist
Sat Feb 9th
At The Beaumont Studios
Advance tickets online only at

Positive. Vibes. Only.
SHAHdjs, Bassbizniz, and the Beaumont strive to provide a safe space for everyone regardless of gender, age, race, or sexual orientation. No harassment will be tolerated. If anyone is making you feel unsafe please let one of the staff or someone in charge know.We are here to help.
The duo – responsible for underground anthems like The View and Missing You – just dropped the uplifting New Day on Luke’s recently launched Footnotes imprint. DRS is currently prepping a big solo release for the label as well, due out early 2019.
LSB: London. Spearhead / Soul:R / Footnotes

Bio from Mixmag 2015:
If there’s one drum ‘n’ bass producer you should get accustomed with this year, it’s LSB. His productions are super smooth rollers and his deck selection’s always on point.
Just check ‘The View’ (featuring Tyler Daley’s vocals) from DRS’ recent album on Marcus Intalex’s Soul:r label for proof. LSB produced it and the sumptuous piano keys and swift clap drums have become a mainstay in d’n’b sets in the last six months. He didn’t just walk into contributing towards a hit, though. 2007 was his debut year – releasing ‘The Eleventh Hour’ on Deep Soul Music – before further releases on Swiss label Demand Records, Spearhead (home to liquid beauty ‘Overthinking’), Integral Records with Technimatic collaboration ‘Rotary Motion’/’Serendipity’ and Hospital.I certainly don’t think of myself as anywhere near established, he says. I’ve been releasing tunes since 2007, I didn’t just come straight in and blow up with my early tunes. Because it’s taken so long I’m not really aware of any status I hold.
DRS: Manchester. Soul:R / SpaceCadet/ Signature

As a solo artist DRS is two albums, an EP and countless features into his trajectory. His music is the sound of an artist becoming a master of his domain, a wry look at life underpinned by honesty and great writing.
As a creative he works across different disciplines: music, film and art.
His success as an artist boils down to his refusal to speak on anything other than his truths, something that listeners can identify with, this is highlighted by three award wins at the Drum & Bass awards: Best MC, Best Vocalist and he featured on the Still Standing Remix which was awarded best remix. He is the go-to host for some of the finest that electronic music has to offer, from Calibre to Toddla T.
2017 is about furthering the message via two new outlets; Summit and The Awkward Music Group, stay tuned for more news on both of those soon.

Start: February 9, 2019
End: February 9, 2019
URL: 020919-hyd

February 16, 2019

Split Shift

SHAHdjs and Groundwerk are teaming up for a new 2 room monthly!
SPLIT SHIFT: 2 rooms, 2 sounds, 1 vibe
SHAHdjs hosting the DnB / Bass music room
Groundwerk hosting the techno etc room
$10 before 11, $15 after
10-2 at the Waldorf

First edition Sat Feb 16th featuring:
Dark Arps
Joel West
Young Dene

Consent Culture in effect.
Positive. Vibes. Only.
SHAHdjs,Groundwerk and TheWaldorf strive to provide a safe space for everyone regardless of gender, age, race, or sexual orientation. No harassment will be tolerated. If anyone is making you feel unsafe please let one of the staff or someone in charge know.We are here to help.

Start: February 16, 2019
End: February 16, 2019
URL: 021619-wal

February 22, 2019


Damp Nightlife Presents:

AxH [Tempa, Gourmetbeats, Wheel & Deal Records]

AxH has been dedicated to underground bass music for nearly two decades. He got his start as Prodigal Son, producing Ragga Jungle that received praise and plays worldwide. AxH fell in love with Dubstep in 2006, while serving overseas in the U.S. Military, and has been pushing forward ever since! He has been releasing music digitally and on vinyl since 2004, and has played all over the world, supporting his releases.��AxH is known for playing his original material; pushing his deep, dark, and heavy style. In 2013, he was the first American DJ and producer to be signed exclusively to Tempa Records, and his debut release on the label, the ‘Destroy EP’, dropped in February, 2014. Summer 2014 saw his second Tempa release on the world-famous ‘Tempa Allstars 7’ compilation. His debut Dubstep album, entitled ‘Push Back’, is currently out on Brooklyn-based Tuba Records. With another Tempa EP forthcoming, as well as releases on other respected Dubstep labels scheduled for the future, AxH doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon.


myles AWAY – [Smokey Crow Records, SHAHdjs]

Damage – [Digital Motion Events]

DJ Midi


~~~ 19+ ~~~

Sound by: Application Audio

101 W. 6th (The VAL Lab)

DOORS: 10:00pm – 4:00am

Although we support frequent acts of weirdness, there is a ZERO tolerance for any violence or harassment of any kind. If you feel uncomfortable at any point of the night dont hesitate to talk to staff

Start: February 22, 2019
End: February 22, 2019
URL: 022219-val

March 1, 2019

Enter the Jungle

Long ago there were amazing jungle parties held on a semi-regular basis in Vancouver. They were some of the best most vibe parties I ever attended and had the gracious opportunity to throw a few times as well.

This is going to happen again on March 1st/2019….be……prepared….to……


We are blessed to have the following artists on the roster:

SPECIAL ED (Elm Imprint/Boiler Kitchen)


CALICO (SubFM/Royal Platoon)

J.ROY (170+/Who Knew)


VIBE SELEKTAZ (Digital Motions)

PRINCE SHO (Royal Platoon)

This night will be dubwise, jungle, raggae and have that oldshool vibe with some new school flair..might even have a bit of cheeky jump-up I’m sure. It is a true honor to be able to bring all these great players together under one roof I must say.

There will be turntables for those of us that have some jungle records that you just can’t hear any other way these days if they want to share they can and of course there will be the regular digital formats for all the new jungle bits and pieces.

If you were at Calico’s last show with Levrige/Myles Away/Whisper/Kali Yuga December 15th, this one is for you.

11:30-6am (maybe later)
pre-sale out soon @$15
$20 on the night.

Please come correct. Respect the people around you in the venue and outside the venue. Don’t be a dick and drink outside either!We are all here for positive vibes so send it always!!!

Start: March 1, 2019
End: March 1, 2019
URL: 030119-333

March 30, 2019

SHAHdjs Videos

A few video up on Vimeo…more will slowly appear but we tend to put more efforts into our events than filming them (for now at least).



Start: March 30, 2019
End: March 30, 2019
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