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February 17, 2019


Twisted Productions in association with The Railway Stage & Beer Cafe present:
Featuring DJ’s who played the BC and Theatre rooms @ the Plaza of Nations!

VOL 1 – Sunday, Feb 17th (the 18th is a stat) featuring:
– DJ LEANNE (House)
– DABBLER (Drum n’Bass)
– CINTO (Speed Garage + Breaks)
– SMOOTHIE (Speed Garage)
– DANA D (All the things)
– KRAIG (Breaks)

The Railway Stage & Beer Cafe
579 Dunsmuir Street
19+ event

$15 advance (online only)
$20 at the door

Our goal is to have this become an event series where we invite back the likes of Scotty Oh, Deliverance, Hirshee, Precise and anyone who graced the Theatre or BC Room’s @ the Plaza of Nations back in the day.

Start: February 17, 2019
End: February 17, 2019
URL: 021719-plaza

February 20, 2019

Nautilus: Slynk, DJ Soo, Willisist

A casual night of deep modern music, great DJs, darts, pool, drinks, and a variety of heads with a common bond of soul searching through non mainstream music.

Slynk – special Hip Hop/chillout set:

The Willisist:

DJ Soo

With special support from Official Rane DJ, there will be a showcase of the Rane Seventy Two and Twelves gear, open to use during the Open Decks portion.

Open decks 8-10pm
First come first serve, please check in with host when you arrive

$3-$10 donation at the door.
Downstairs at the Anza

Nautilus group:

Start: February 20, 2019
End: February 20, 2019
URL: 022019-naut

February 22, 2019

Bringing The Festival Indoors

Electric Love & A Life Awakened Present…

Bringing The Festival Indoors | v.5

/ / / / / / / / /

Have you been missing those summer vibes? Day dreaming of dancing under the stars with your best friends in a sheer state of bliss? Are you missing festival season? Well, look no further, as two BC music festivals team up to transport you back to the summer and bring the festival indoors!

Join us at The Waldorf Hotel on February 22nd as we bring back those summer feels. Expect 3 rooms featuring big talent, custom stages & one of a kind vendors to help you revel in your festival experience. So, round up your most beloved group of friends and get ready to reunite with all of the familiar faces you connected with last summer.

Festival vibes and attire are fully welcomed and encouraged at all #BTFI events, see you on the dancefloor! #danceandbefree

/ / / / / / / / /

Friday, February 22nd | 2019
Waldorf Hotel – Vancouver, BC
19+ | ID Required | 9:00pm-2:00am

Super limited amount of #TIER1 tickets go on sale:
Thursday, January 17th:

/ / / / / / / / /

Line: TBA

/ / / / / / / / /

TIER 1 – $15 | Super Limited Available
TIER 2 – $20 | Limited Available
TIER 3 – $25 | Fair Amount Available
DOOR – $30 | Only if Available

/ / / / / / / / /

Start: February 22, 2019
End: February 22, 2019
URL: 022219-wald

February 22, 2019


Damp Nightlife Presents:

AxH [Tempa, Gourmetbeats, Wheel & Deal Records]

AxH has been dedicated to underground bass music for nearly two decades. He got his start as Prodigal Son, producing Ragga Jungle that received praise and plays worldwide. AxH fell in love with Dubstep in 2006, while serving overseas in the U.S. Military, and has been pushing forward ever since! He has been releasing music digitally and on vinyl since 2004, and has played all over the world, supporting his releases.��AxH is known for playing his original material; pushing his deep, dark, and heavy style. In 2013, he was the first American DJ and producer to be signed exclusively to Tempa Records, and his debut release on the label, the ‘Destroy EP’, dropped in February, 2014. Summer 2014 saw his second Tempa release on the world-famous ‘Tempa Allstars 7’ compilation. His debut Dubstep album, entitled ‘Push Back’, is currently out on Brooklyn-based Tuba Records. With another Tempa EP forthcoming, as well as releases on other respected Dubstep labels scheduled for the future, AxH doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon.


myles AWAY – [Smokey Crow Records, SHAHdjs]

Damage – [Digital Motion Events]

DJ Midi


~~~ 19+ ~~~

Sound by: Application Audio

101 W. 6th (The VAL Lab)

DOORS: 10:00pm – 4:00am

Although we support frequent acts of weirdness, there is a ZERO tolerance for any violence or harassment of any kind. If you feel uncomfortable at any point of the night dont hesitate to talk to staff

Start: February 22, 2019
End: February 22, 2019
URL: 022219-val

February 23, 2019

Moonlight Masquerade

he Freespace Soundsystem Presents:


Our late winter, TWO ROOM, psytrance and bass music,fundraiser!

What to Expect: Bass, Psytrance, and other genres, plounging, creative deco, community, openness, respect, and consent culture at an underground event for friends and friends of friends.

Come at 9:30 for snacks and the Opening Circle! Music starts at 10:00.


Daitya Vs. Nessir

Raghunath Khe (Mantra Radio/ Back Beyond Productions)

GoaPete (GoaTrancemission / IONO Music)

NYX (PsynOpticz Records)

Judge Ming (Matrices and Vortices)


~ Organized by our good friends at Shadow Puppet Productions

Aerion (Shadowpuppets / Elphinstone)

Beatrix the White (Shadowpuppets / Intention Gathering)


Uncle Willy (Shadowpuppets / Intention Gathering)



$15 Tickets (Will go on sale online very soon)
$20 Door Price


Masquerades have long held an important function in society – breaking down barriers of class, gender, ethnicity and challenging social norms.

Masks have allowed rich and poor to gather in the same space, neither aware of the other’s status. Allowed unescorted women to mingle in the company of men. They allowed gender swapping and cross-dressing in less tolerant times. Masquerades even provided opportunities for the assassination of royalty and nobility!

In our time, the wearing of masks and costumes continues to be an interesting social experiment. By subverting non-verbal communication, we can experiment with new forms of connection.


Over the last two years the Freespace Soundsystem has organized two summer transformational festivals and six underground events in the city, all of which were fun, transformative and community building, but all of which lost money.

New festivals take a while to get off the ground, while Yurt gatherings in city parks cost a lot to host and rely only on donations…

Freespace is a registered not for profit society, making money is not our goal. We work to achieve social and cultural objectives, and have been successful overall. However, most of our group’s funding has been subsidized by one person, which… Was fine for two years, but isn’t sustainable.

Our goal this year is to go into SubLunar with a couple of thousand dollars already in the society’s bank account. To do that, we need to organize some fundraisers, and to ask our community for donations.

If you can contribute more than the ticket price, please do! If you cannot attend this event but still want to support, please buy a ticket anyway. We will also have a GoFundMe page online very soon.

If you support the work that we are doing, now is the time to show it with some donations. We really need it. Thank You!


This event is a masquerade and participants are encouraged to attend in costume.

That being said, costumes or masks are in no way necessary. We would never want the lack of a costume to be a barrier to someone’s participation!


Sienna St. Laurent,one of the core organizers with Freespace, and SubLunar’s kitchen coordinator, will lead a team of volunteers to prepare tasty snacks for gathering participants.

Sharing food together is a great way to build community and develop connection. Food will always be a staple at Freespace Soundsystem events.


Our community takes consent VERY seriously. All interactions between attendees (sexual, or non-sexual) are to be based on communication, consent, and respect.

If you’re unsure about an interaction or unsure if you have consent, please remember to ask first. Remember, only an ongoing positive, enthusiastic response means Yes!


Liberating spaces within the cracks of society, The Freespace Soundsystem transforms spaces into places – Temporary Autonomous Zones for participants to explore!

Our goals are to build community, interweave scattered subcultures, promote local artists, and support underground culture in the Vancouver area.

We organize indoor events in the urban core, and underground, renegade events in our Yurt throughout Vancouver. We have also committed to building SubLunar, our yearly members-only gathering for the foreseeable future.

Start: February 23, 2019
End: February 23, 2019
URL: 022319-mm
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