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August 22, 2018

NAUTILUS: Dopecreature Propolis  Von Beck

A casual night of deep modern music, great djs, darts, pool, drinks, and a variety of heads with a common bond of soul searching through non mainstream music.

Von Beck

Open Decks: 8-10
Headliners: 10-2

$3-$10 minimum donation at the door.
Downstairs at the Anza
Free pool and darts.

join the Nautilus group:

Start: August 22, 2018
End: August 22, 2018
URL: 082218-anza

August 24, 2018

Anna Morgan x Greazus

Femme Fatale & Damp Nightlife are proud to present ~

Anna Morgan DJ – [NYC-LA] | Worst Behaviour

Bass Coast Festival / Shambhala Music Festival 2018 Headliner

Anna Morgan is a DJ, producer, label head, radio host, promoter, and cultural curator based in NYC. This New York City native is a connoisseur of globally minded low-end frequencies exploring the junction of urban and tribal. As a founder of the lauded multi-genre party HEAVY, also founder of the brand new Worst Behavior Records label/Promo company, and alongside her residency with reputed collective The Junxion, she highlights urban diasporic stories while catering to dance enthusiasts, spanning genres from jungle and footwork to hip hop and house.

These boys need no introduction….

GREAZUS – [VAN] | Aufect Recordings

warming up the decks are local selectors:

Half Full




Sound supplied by Application Audio

$20 before 11pm $25 After

Start: August 24, 2018
End: August 24, 2018
URL: 082418-val

August 24, 2018


A casual night of deep modern music with a special guest from London and Vancouver with a common bond of soul searching through underground music.

Optimum – Release [UK]
UK Garage, Liquid Funk

Jesse Bru – Axe on Wax, Piff Records [CA]
Deep House, Disco

Liquid Funk

Kir Mokum – SHAHdjs [CA]
Dub Techno

$15 @ door
Seniors Discount
LGBT compliant
no drugs. no creeps. no shitheads.

Start: August 24, 2018
End: August 24, 2018

August 25, 2018

The Squish II

The Squish II ~ Goodbye For Real

We opened up the festival season in June with a legendary house party that left our house cleaner than when we begun. We had several hundred pass through and the good vibes were in full effect. With little time left, we’ve decided that the house deserves a real goodbye ♥

The Squish is a large house and art collective filled with talented young artists and sorcerers working in all forms of magic. Come join us on AUGUST 25 to say goodbye to our home before the tractors come in and demolish it all!


~ Anomalous
Stepping sideways like a giant crab, Anomalous is known in the underground halftime scene for his curious selection of dance-worthy dubstep and hidden gems galore. The Squish is excited to host Anomalous as the moon hangs high in the night!

~ Kairo
Entrenched in purple, Kairo’s offerings are filled with melody and melancholy spread across the half-time drum and bass, footwork and steppa spectrums. With a debut album coming out in the Fall, The Squish will get to hear some of Kairo’s new music.

~ Sumwun
Armed with his comprehensive collection of left-field dubstep, Sumwun sets are laden with all the weird, the dark, and the strange missing from your typical dub set. Catch Sumwun after midnight as we all officially get down and dirty.

~ Pacha Papa
West Coast King of Psychedelia, Pacha Papa, is perhaps best known for his curation of Blessed Coast and psychedelic electronic sound. Pacha’s original music is sultry and bouncy, making him a perfect match for our house.

~ Black Acid
Island staple, Black Acid, plays a cross-section of deep but dancey twostep, from low reggae dub to sparse grime-laden beats and trap hybrids. You’ve seen him at THE DEEPS, Blessed Coast, and Luminosity Gathering, now come and play with us at The Squish!


❀ The Fig Garden & Patio
The Squish Palace is nestled into a small forest of fig trees, tropical fronds and lemon balm bushes. As you walk towards the house and through the wild growth, stop by on our purpose-built patio for some BBQ & drinks.

❀ The Temple Archway
Greeting you as you step into the Squish Palace is the Temple Archway. Designed by Arya Hawker & Cai Rhutarje, the projection-mapped Archway will feature the work of talented local animators and motion designers all night. Special thanks to Matt Gilligan and Jerome Au for contributing some of their video content. You might’ve seen Arya’s work at Bass Coast Festival the past 3 years!

❀ The Shadow Puppet Garden
Thanks to the whimsical designs of Justin Snell, the Shadow Puppet Garden is an interactive installation that allows participants to cast shadows across the walls and encourages silly group play. Justin last exhibited this piece with Ciliate Art+Music Productions last year.

❀ The Dance Hall
Boasting a professional sound system complete with subwoofers, the Dance Hall will feature local producers and DJs all day and night. Psychedelic bass music, deep dubstep, and halftime drum and bass melodies percolate on the dancefloor.

❀ The Art Gallery
Featuring art from residents & friends, the Gallery will cover a cross section of multidisciplinary works.

$5 – $10 donation to support artists, but no one turned away!

We’re all very excited to have you out! If you have any questions you can message us here ♥

Start: August 25, 2018
End: August 25, 2018
URL: 082518-squish

August 31, 2018

SubLunar (Squam)

Freespace Soundsystem’s annual membership-based summer gathering is happening again in 2018.

Once more, a diverse community of friends from the lower mainland hailing from several subcultures – The Conscious Dance, Psytrance, and Electronic Music scenes – are gathering together to organize SubLunar.

Memberships are now available!
Check out our webpage to buy, or learn more about us at
The Freespace Soundsystem presents:

🌙 🌓 🌙 🌓 🌙 SubLunar 🌓 🌙 🌓 🌙 🌓

A three-night Community, Music and Art festival……

SubLunar refers to the world below the moon, the earthly realm below the heavenly one. In antiquity, the celestial spheres beyond the moon were considered static and unchanging, while the earth (the sublunary sphere) inhabited by humans and nature, was seen as dynamic and changeable.

SubLunar is a celebration of the Earth and Nature, of Embodiment, Physicality, and Immanence!


Once again, there will be two soundstages at SubLunar, Terra and Luna, featuring a wide variety of the Vancouver area’s amazing talent for your dancing pleasure!

Both stages will play from dusk to dawn.

🌓Terra Stage🌓

Organized this year in collaboration with Shadow Puppet Productions, Terra will play host to a wide variety of Earthy, Bassy, Funky, and Melodic musical genres including Dubstep, Drum and Bass, House and Techno, World-beat and Downtempo.

Handford –
Aerion –
Alex Mei –
Beatrix the White –
Beatrunkle –
Buddika –
Butt Truck Posse –
Dilly –
Emog –
Instant Love –
Kid Green –
Little Fiery One –
Medicine Fox –
Mez –
Musica Wilderness –
Nils –
Shadow Cat –
Sol∆r –
soulsystem –
Tango –
The Willisist –
Uncle Willy –

🌙Luna Stage🌙

Brought to you by Matrices and Vortices and powered by Fierce Kick Sound, Luna will provide a psychedelic playground for our gathering’s participants. Musical genres will include Psytrance, Progressive Psy, Forest Psy, Psydub, Psychill, and even a little Darkpsy here and there.

Atash –
Daitya (LIVE) –
Gecko –
Goa Pete vs. Tashi

Infinity Cycle –
Jangbu –
Jay Omega –
Jollay –
Judge Ming –
Mutant Machine –
PausePlay –
Raghunath Khe –
Stargirl –
Sunkid –

Visuals by Morning Glory Visuals and Creative Nai8tive

DJ applications are mostly closed, but if you want to submit a mix for future consideration, or a dance/flow-art application, go here:


SubLunar will be located in a beautiful forest setting in mainland BC about 2 hours north of Vancouver. Exact directions will be e-mailed only to paid members a few days before the event.

The Freespace Soundsystem recognizes the location as illegally occupied, unceded land that belongs to the Coast Salish people.


The SubLunar gathering is the yearly membership gathering for the Freespace Soundsystem. We are not for profit, and community driven. The gathering is members-only, and only members will receive directions to the location!

Once again we are capped at 199 memberships as part of our land permission.

Memberships cost:
$75 for regular membership.
$45 for low income membership. (Please only buy one if you require the subsidy. This is based on the honor system.)
$10 for kids. (17 and under. All minors must be accompanied by an adult guardian or bring a letter of permission.)

Memberships are available at:

Becoming a member grants you access to SubLunar. It is all you need to receive directions to, and attend the gathering, you need not make any other purchases. Membership also grants you voting rights for the Freespace Soundsystem Society at next year’s AGM.


SubLunar is organized by Freespace members, for Freespace members. No organizers are paid for any work, and all members are expected to contribute 4 hours of their time during the weekend to make the gathering happen. Everyone must sign up for one shift at the entrance when arriving.

We are also looking for more people to join the Setup Crew by e-mailing Setup volunteers get their memberships subsidized and don’t have to pay anything to attend the gathering.


Learning from one another is one of the most important parts of SubLunar.

All members are encouraged to give a workshop on a subject dear to their hearts: Flow arts, Philosophy, Political Ideas, Teachable Skills, or any number of other subjects are welcome topics. Workshops will run during the day on Saturday and Sunday.

Contact RaChel Kat for info or submit workshop applications here:


SubLunar will have a communal kitchen providing simple, but tasty vegan snacks, soups, curries, pasta, and more at specified mealtimes throughout the day on Saturday and Sunday. The kitchen is available for all members, at no cost.

We’re hoping to build on last year’s effort, and this year’s kitchen will be better than ever! Please bring some food for yourselves for the weekend though. Our kitchen is ceremonial, designed to provide a beautiful shared experience, but for now it is still supplementary.

Contact Sienna St. Laurent for more!


The gathering will feature an opening circle on Friday night to set the intention for the weekend, and a closing circle on Monday just after noon to ground ourselves before returning into the world.

Communal, co-created, and participatory rituals are a great way to reflect upon, and reinforce the concepts and ideas that our gathering inspires.

Also, expect other “Grown-up Summer Camp” type activities during the gathering to help have fun, open up to fellow participants, and strengthen community bonds.


Our community takes consent VERY seriously. All interactions between attendees (sexual, or non-sexual) are to be based on communication, consent, and respect.

If you’re unsure about an interaction or unsure if you have consent, please remember to ask first. Remember, only an ongoing positive, enthusiastic response means Yes!


Unfortunately, because of a number of safety concerns, dogs and other animals are NOT welcome at SubLunar. There are only two exceptions to this rule:

A) Legally certified Guide Dogs and Service Dogs. This does not apply to therapy and emotional support animals.

B) Dogs that are personally vouched for by a coordinator, and that the entire team of coordinators voted unanimously to allow at the gathering


Liberating spaces within the cracks of society, The Freespace Soundsystem transforms spaces into places – Temporary Autonomous Zones for participants to explore!

We organize indoor events in the urban core, and underground, renegade events in our Yurt throughout Vancouver. We have also committed to building this yearly gathering over the foreseeable future.

Start: August 31, 2018
End: September 3, 2018
URL: 083118-sub
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