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February 23, 2019

JFB & QBert

Digital Motion proudly presents

– SUBculture Saturdays February 23rd –

Get ready for some serious mind bending turntable action for your ears! Don’t miss this rare opportunity to catch two of the most influential DJs in the world live on PK SOUND at The Red Room. This is guaranteed to be one of the hottest multi-genre show’s that you’ll see this winter at The Red Room!

JFB [Ghetto Funk, Hot Cakes, Jungle Cakes]

If you’ve caught his sets in the past then you know he’s a guaranteed party rocker and always brings the Bass heavy goods every time. His successes have mainly been obtained from the ability to rock many parties with many styles, crossing over all the musical genres ranging from Jazz,Funk, Hiphop, Dubstep, Glitchop, Electoswing, Ghetto Funk, Breakbeat, Drumstep & Drum and Bass.

Listen to his 2017 Shambhala Fractal Forest mix


DJ QBert [Invisibl Skratch Piklz]

QBert delivers like no other DJ. His peers and the media call him the Greatest DJ in the World, one of the most influential DJs of all time. His long-standing career of innovating the DJ culture has set off a worldwide generation of DJs who are now regarded as musicians and not just DJs that play records, from A-Trak to Craze to C2C to Z-Trip; they would testify to DJ QBert’s influence in their sound and successful careers.

+ with tour support from The Fresh Crew!

Local support from Civillian

Visuals powered by INEO Studios

★As always, PK SOUND in place for a proper Bass music experience. Hearing protection is advised★


>> Doors at 10:30pm sharp, open and serving until 3AM
Plan accordingly, Arrive early to avoid the line. 19+ only – Mature vibes – Please respect the venue & party responsibly!

Help spread the good word about this show by sharing it with like minded individuals and SUBculture supporters!

Limited birthday group packages available! Email us for more at




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Start: February 23, 2019
End: February 23, 2019
URL: 022319-qb

February 23, 2019

SLAB pres Leo Pol

SLAB is proud to present the Vancouver debut of Leo Pol, live in the upstairs room of the backstage lounge.


Leo has a knack for conjuring insatiable grooves out of his machines. Using a collection of classic synths, drum machines, and sequencers, Leo crafts classic-leaning house with an indescribable x-factor—his live sets and studio jams are hypnotizing, groove-led rides that are equally captivating and dance-inducing.

Although he’s been releasing since 2013, it was two releases in 2015, “Joy Misery” on VELVET and an unknown artist EP on his own Uniile, that really put his name on the map—to give you an idea of the impact of Uniile 1, the cheapest the record is selling for on Discogs is $198 and “You Got The Funk,” a track from the EP, has had over 1 million views on YouTube. You’d still be forgiven, however, to not instantly recognize his name; even with the runaway success of these records, Leo has kept a low profile, there’s scarce information online and all but one of his records are short-run vinyl-only releases. The latest of those releases, IILE 01, kicked off his IILE imprint in June of last year, and shortly after, Leo was signed on as a resident at Paris’ Concrete, joining a stable of residents that includes Cabanne, Antigone, François X, Shlømo, Ben Vedren, Lowris, and Behzad & Amarou—a move that will undoubtedly open up his music to a wider audience.

Local support from Max Ulis and Thomas Workshop

Start: February 23, 2019
End: February 23, 2019
URL: 022319-open

February 28, 2019


TC brings bass-driven & rave-razing monster tracks to Way Home on Thurs, Feb. 28th – Doors 10pm

On-sale Thurs, Jan. 31st
@ 10am ~

w/ support

Main Room
Payne ᴰᴺᴮ b2b JRoy

Back Room

Presented by
Way Home, Are you MIA & Blueprint Events

Reserve table service packages at

Catch all the action on IG at @areyoumia
#areyouMIA #BlueprintEvents

19+ with government ID required

Start: February 28, 2019
End: February 28, 2019
URL: 022819-mia

March 1, 2019

Enter the Jungle

Long ago there were amazing jungle parties held on a semi-regular basis in Vancouver. They were some of the best most vibe parties I ever attended and had the gracious opportunity to throw a few times as well.

This is going to happen again on March 1st/2019….be……prepared….to……


We are blessed to have the following artists on the roster:

SPECIAL ED (Elm Imprint/Boiler Kitchen)


CALICO (SubFM/Royal Platoon)

J.ROY (170+/Who Knew)


VIBE SELEKTAZ (Digital Motions)

PRINCE SHO (Royal Platoon)

This night will be dubwise, jungle, raggae and have that oldshool vibe with some new school flair..might even have a bit of cheeky jump-up I’m sure. It is a true honor to be able to bring all these great players together under one roof I must say.

There will be turntables for those of us that have some jungle records that you just can’t hear any other way these days if they want to share they can and of course there will be the regular digital formats for all the new jungle bits and pieces.

If you were at Calico’s last show with Levrige/Myles Away/Whisper/Kali Yuga December 15th, this one is for you.

11:30-6am (maybe later)
pre-sale out soon @$15
$20 on the night.

Please come correct. Respect the people around you in the venue and outside the venue. Don’t be a dick and drink outside either!We are all here for positive vibes so send it always!!!

Start: March 1, 2019
End: March 1, 2019
URL: 030119-333

March 2, 2019


Soul Hop Presents:

PEZZNER – Seattle
(Hunt & Gather/Get Physical Music/Dirtybird)

w/ support from:

MAX ULIS – Vancouver

Online Tickets:
Resident Advisor

$20 Early Birds (Available Now)
$25 2nd Tier
$30 at the door

Application Audio

INEO Studios

ID Required for Entry
Doors at 10pm


Please read the info from Good Night Out Vancouver below:

Get ready for six continuous hours of cutting edge house music. Pezzner returns to Open Studios for his first solo set since tearing the roof off exactly two years earlier. Open Studios resident Max Ulis will be setting the table. Extended 3 hour sets from both of these West Coast heavy weights!

About Pezzner:

When it comes to eclecticism, no other electronic musician can replicate the sheer ingenuity that American producer David Pezzner invokes within his mosaic compositions. Hailing from Seattle’s enlightened indie-music scene, the multifarious studio mogul has steadily supplied a series of notable releases since the early 90s. After initially fulfilling career ventures as one half of classic house outfit Jacob London, his sights have recently shifted towards a more independent musical outlet: his prolific solo project, Pezzner. Unhindered by the industry’s often-scrupulous guidelines, David’s artistic reinvention (under his newest production moniker) has amassed considerable acclaim in light of its obstinate diversity – exploring a kaleidoscopic assortment of styles and sounds.

Early in November, Pezzner proudly premiered his sophomore full-length artist album, ‘Last Night In Utopia’. Fittingly hosted via Marc Romboy’s legendary Systematic Recordings imprint, the 15-track assemblage readily exemplifies Pezzner’s ongoing stylistic expansions. Featuring an extensive inventory of electronic music genres, subgenres, and hybrid-genres, his latest auditory artwork shares but one underlying similarity: pristine quality. While some critics remain dispassionate towards the more exploratory ends of the musical spectrum, the eloquently crafted ‘Last Night In Utopia’ still merits an undeniable appreciation on behalf of its listeners.�Continuing his trajectory into 2014, David follows suit with his strongest release to date on the the decade strong, Crosstown Rebels. This time Pezzner teams up with Italian/Egyptian co-producer, Amina and B-side remix by Hotflush label boss Scuba.

Earlier works by Pezzner repeat this same pattern: Dance music for the brain as well as the body. His 2010, LP for Freerange Records ”The Tracks Are Alive” is a 13 track walk through of his electro/organic sounding style, in full dance-floor mode traversing with ease between disco, house and techno. Beatportal wax lyrical how it “blows like a cool breeze through the stale air of a market crowded with by-the-numbers deep house” and Resident Advisor note the “rising, sizzling dub effects” of his ‘Blacklist’ release, adding “a steeliness to his refined contours”. 5 Magazine coins Pezzner’s work as ”Future classics made for dance floors in the here and now”, while Ibiza Voice describes it as ”Lush and tense with a transcendental twist”.

Club shows abound not only in Europe, Pezzner’s live shows and DJ sets regularly move the dance floors of some of the most renowned venues including Space Ibiza, Rex Club in Paris, Womb Tokyo, Fabric London, Cielo New York, and Chicago’s famed Smartbar.

About Max Ulis:

Vancouver resident and half of Sabota, Max is a pioneer on the West Coast and has been instrumental in the building of Vancouver’s underground for the better part of a decade. His SLAB parties in Vancouver feature the best in underground house and techno. Max has performed at prestigious festivals such as Decibel, Mutek, and New Forms, and is a regular on the west coast festival circuit. Max’s diverse musical output has seen plays from notable performers such a Skream, B Traits, Jackmaster, Skream, Shadow Child, Grenier, Tim Green, Joe Nice, &ME, and Breakage.

Start: March 2, 2019
End: March 2, 2019
URL: 030219-open
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